USDG Guidance Note (water financing component) and Resource Document (4,900kb)
VAT Reference Guide for Foreign Donor Funded Projects
Municipal Public Accounts Committees (MPAC) – Guide and Toolkit (3mb)
Standard Operating Procedures
Costing Methodology Guideline for Local Government
Guide to Municipal Annual Reports – July 2012
Guide to Municipal Asset Transfers  – July 2012 (1,115kb)
A Guide to Establishment of MPAC – August 2011 (186kb)
Dummy Budget Guide
Evaluation of Conditional Grant Programmes for 2008/09, in compliance with 2009 DoRA (443kb)
MFMA Funding compliance
VAT 419 Guide for Municipalities (520kb)
Local Government Capital Asset Management Guideline - October 2008 (1,331kb)
Asset Management Seminar – 24 to 25 November 2010
Municipal GRAP Manuals
MFM skills training programme Learner Guidelines And Logbook (1,991kb)
A Guide to Municipal Financial Management for Councillors (1,064kb)
Supply Chain Management: A Guide for Accounting Officers of Municipalities and Municipal Entities - October 2005 (640kb)
  • Refer to National Treasury’s MFMA Circular Number 53 dated 3 September 2010 for
         amended guidelines in respect of bids that include functionality as a criterion for 
  • Specimen Annual Financial Statements - June 2005 (579kb)
    Introductory Guide to the MFMA, Updated Edition - August 2004 (262kb)
    Guide to the New Accounting Standards - May 2004 (151kb)
    Municipal Finance Management Intern Programme Guidelines (324kb)
    Application for later date of effect or reclassification of Municipal capacity - May 2004 (86kb)
    Introduction of an Equitable Share of Nationally Raised Revenue for Local Government (324kb)
    Media Statement - Update on the Policy Framework for Municipal Borrowing and Financial Emergencies  (168kb)
    Updated Policy Framework for Municipal Borrowing and Financial Emergencies (2022/09)  (703kb)
    Policy Framework for Municipal Borrowing and Financial Emergencies (133kb)
    White Paper on Local Government - March 1998 (771kb)