All Return Forms contain new demarcation codes as published in Government Gazettes

Returns for 2016 Demarcation


Return Name

Size (kb)

Municipal Budget Returns

AM - Asset Management
BS - Statement of Financial Position - Budgeted
CA - Budgeted Capital Acquisition
CFB - Cash Flow Budget
GSG - Grants and Subsidies Given
GSR - Grants and Subsidies Received
OSB - Statement of Financial Performance - Budgeted
SP - Reconciliation of IDP to Budget

Municipal Revised Budget Returns

AMR - Asset Management Revised
BSR - Statement of Financial Position Revised
CAR - Budgeted Capital Acquisition Revised
CFR - Cash Flow Budget Revised
OSR - Statement of Financial Performance Revised

IYM Monthly Returns

AC - Aged Creditors
AD - Aged Debtors

____Debtors Organs of State Category

BSAC - Statement of Financial Position Actual
CAA - Capital Acquisition Actual
CFA - Cash Flow Actual
OSA - Statement of Financial Performance Actual
RME - Repairs and Maintenance by Expenditure Items

Municipal Audit Returns

ACA - Aged Creditors Audited
ADA - Aged Debtors Audited
AMA - Asset Management Audited
BSA - Statement of Financial Position Audited
CAAA - Budgeted Capital Acquisition Audited
CFAA - Cash Flow Audited Actuals
OSAA - Statement of Financial Performance Audited

Quarterly Returns

BM - Quarterly Borrowing Monitoring

   Borrowing Monitor Return - Guideline

IM - Investment Management

   Investment Management Return - Guideline

Conditional Grant Returns
Finance Management Grant
Municipal Disaster Grant (52kb)
Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management Grant (65kb)
Integrated National Electrification Programme (67kb)
Municipal Disaster Recovery Grant (67kb)
Municipal Infrastructure Grant (53kb)
Municipal Systems Improvement Grant (52kb)
Neighbourhood Development Partnership Grant (52kb)
Municipal Demarcation Transition Grant (70kb)
Public Transport Network Grant (70kb)
Rural Transport Services and Infrastructure Grant (66kb)
Urban Settlement Development Grant (60kb)
Water Services Operating Subsidy Grant (65kb)
Infrastructure Skills Development Grant (68kb)
Expanded Public Works Programme Integrated Grant (75kb)
2013 Africa Cup of Nations Host City Operating Grant (68kb)
Integrated City Development Grant (68kb)
2014 African Nations Championship Host City Operating Grant (68kb)
Municipal Water Infrastructure Grant (68kb)
Rural Household Infrastructure Grant (68kb)
Municipal Human Settlements Capacity Grant (68kb)

Municipal Services Infrastructure Grant


The reporting template for roll-over grants may be obtained from:

Guidelines for general uploading (139kb)
Primary Banking Account Details (11kb) Budget Locking Verification Certificate (35kb)

MFMA Quarterly Returns
Implementation Priorities Return (MFM1) -Circular 38
Municipal Entities Return (ME)
Long Term Contracts Return (LTC)

MFMA six-monthly Return
Competency Levels Return (COM)

MFMA Annual Return
MFMA Implementation Plan (Circular 7)

Reporting Guideline
Section 71 Municipal Reporting Requirements for 2013/14